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Cannabis, Reimagined.

MyHi is a premium all-natural THC powder delivered in a convenient Stir STIK that elevates any drink. It’s a healthier, more discreet alternative to calorie and sugar-loaded edibles, or to the harmful long-term effects of smoking.


Plus, the quick onset let’s you manage your journey and ensure it never goes past the destination.

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Free Delivery on All Orders!

Next day delivery available throughout most of California.

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5mg STIKs

Our 5mg STIK is recommended for those who enjoy a high that won’t feel overpowering or those new to THC’s benefits. It’s the perfect boost to keep handy in your fanny pack, pocket, or pantry.

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10mg STIKs

Our 10mg STIK is recommended for those who enjoy a high with a gradual onset that never peaks or leaves you feeling tired. It’s your new favorite party drink or go-to for a busy day.

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