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Our Story

We wanted a high that matched our active lifestyles and never left us stuck on the couch.

Edibles didn’t always meet our dietary restrictions or were too steep in sugar and bad calories. Plus, we found that it was an inconsistent high and never timely. Smoking wasn’t ideal because of the lingering smell and adverse health effects. And infusions or tonics just didn’t suit our on-the-go lifestyles and, oftentimes, hard to accurately dose out.

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So we made something that was clean, healthy, discreet, and fast-acting.

A new category of high.

Our premium all-natural THC powders are water-soluble activations providing one of the fastest and most efficient ways to consume THC.  We then combine with a short list of the highest quality ingredients, most notably 30mg of green coffee bean extract to ensure an elevated experience (about ⅓ of the caffeine you’d get from an 8oz coffee, or a Starbucks short). Along with green bean coffee extract, there’s a bit of L-Theanine to focus the high and a dash of monk fruit for the slightest hint of sweetness.


The result is an energizing boost that’s equal parts social and cheerful.

We also considered a form factor that was as portable as it was functional. MyHi STIKs are the size of a pen and designed with mixing in mind. The powder dissolves instantly whether you decide to PEEL and STIR, or POP and POUR. Best of all, you can trust that each high will be like the last.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel uncompromisingly good.

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